TRAINING CULTURE - Our official training partner

Training Culture offers a Science Based Training Program for reaching your full potential as an athlete.

Founders, Mike and Alex put together a team of Sports Cience and High Performance Phd to build the best training program based in scientific evidence.

Science and sport, not try and error. A training program that will make you train in a more intelligent way, making the most of evidence based training programs.

Training Culture - We build Champions

Intensity over Volume

Have you been training for a long time and not improving as much as you'd hoped? Have you stagnated? Are your weaknesses not improving? Are your efforts bearing little fruit?
Training well is not easy, interferences exist. The old slogan "No Pain, No Gain" is not entirely true. More is not always better, Better is Better.
Let us guide you. We have a training system that we will adapt to your sports planning, applying all our knowledge. It already works for us. By training hard, but smart, we have become Regional Athletes.

Want to be coached by

Aniol Ekai


Want to be Coach By Aniol Ekai?

Aniol Ekai, AKA Nuru Dabai is one of the best athletes and coaches in Europe.

He will be tailoring your daily sessions which will be based on specific on different training blocs and accesory work.

With daily feedback and video correction in a private channel.

Access to TC private group chat and leaderboard .

Move Well, Improve faster

One of the key aspects in Training Culture program is mastering the efficiency of your movement.

Quality of movement is always the goal. As athletes, we must look for THE FLOW, look for the perfect relaxation point in each movement for a minimum expenditure of energy while maintaining a perfect technique. This will make us more efficient.
So if you want to perform better, you must learn to move better.

Want to Join Training Culture plan and be coached by the best athletes in Europe?


We produce products that address the micronutrient deficiencies of our modern lives.

Our goal is to improve the longevity of all athletes, from amateurs and amateur athletes to professionals; to us, everyone who works hard is an athlete, regardless of whether they have just started training or participating in competitions.

Trust the process, don't take shortcuts, take time to recover and you will reach your goals.

Die young. As late as possible.