Vitality pack

The Primal Nootropic, Magnesium – Zinc Complex & Vitamin D3

For long-lasting daily energy – Increase your Focus, Motivation and Concentration at work, university or any other athletic activity.

The Primal Nootropic / 60 capsules – 30 days’ supply. --- Magnesium – Zinc – Vitamin B6 / 90 capsules – 45 days’ supply --- Vitamin D3 / 120 capsules – 120 days’ supply.

🧠 300mg A-GPC: enhance muscle power & performance 200 mg Theanine: yield energy and improve concentration without the caffeine rush 120 mg L-tyrosine, 50 mg Rhodiola, 6mg B12 & 200mg Bacopa: improves mental cognition and mood.

☀️300 mg Magnesium Taurinate-Bisglycinate 16mg Zinc Picolinate Vitamin B6.

⚡2500 IU high dose blended with coconut oil to enhance absorption.

We recommend taking The Primal Nootropic with Vitamin D3 in the morning, for a nice long lasting energy and mood boost. At night, before going to bed, take Magnesiumm complex, ideally with Omega-3 for a total anti inflammatory recovery.

More energy across the day. 

Awesome Mood.

Great Sleep.

GoPrimal Vitality Pack provides a combination of essential micronutrients to support your immune system, mental health and sleep. 

We don't use any stimulants or sleep inducing ingredients, we formulate products with ingredients that will provide a short and long term benefit, nothing that will send the wrong signal to your body.