The GoPrimal Team

Our team of athletes and ambassadors is constantly growing. Here are some of them but the list of people that are part of our team is much bigger. We not only work with professional athletes in different disciplines, but we also work with doctors and nutritionist all around Europe. If you have any doubt about what diet to follow, what program training, how to face a competition, let us know, we are more than happy to help you.

Thuri Helgadottir

8 times CROSSFIT GAMES ATHLETE from Iceland.

Gabi Castro

Two times CrossFit Athletes from Spain.

Aniol Ekai

Coach at 77 Feet CrossFit, one of the best CrossFit athletes in Europe, placing 2nd in 2020 CrossFit Open and making podium in different international competitions.

Pablo Cazalis

CrossFit Meridian and Semifinal Athlete.

Helena Avendaño

Rising star for 2020, placing third at the European Weightlifting Championship 2019.

Siri Rohmesmo

One of the fittest individuals in Benelux. Currently working at Rogue Europe and coaching at The Brick

Miriam Krug

Founder of Numi Nutrition. Sports nutritionist specialised in women health

Leonie Henrich

CrossFit Games Athlete 2018 and Fittest in Netherlands 2019.

Coach Viktoria

Personal trainer, specialised in longevity and healthy lifestyle

Martina Lang

Martina is not only Austrias strongest women in powerlifting but also a chef, has a Master’s degree in Art & science, currently doing her second Master愀. Former Headcoach of CF Vienna and proud mom of a rescued dog. She has achieved great athletic goals with hard work and a great nutrition and training plan.

Albert Macian

Owner and Head of Coach at One Mile CrossFit.

Jonas Muller

One of the athletes who started to work with us from the very early beginnings of GoPrimal – we have been proud to see him competing at the CrossFit Games.

Luka Đukić

CrossFit Games Athlete from Serbia

Noel Brand

Owner of Breda Strength and Conditioning together with his wife Sanne and dog Odin. He has been running the gym for nearly 10 years now and is now focusing on his comeback in the field of triathlons, his main goal is the Ironman Triathlon, European Championship, Frankfurt 2019.

Berlinda Verweij

CrossFit Games Athlete from Netherlands.

Jordy Dejhu

Endurance athlete and Biker from Velodrom Team


We produce products that address the micronutrient deficiencies of our modern lives.

Our goal is to improve the longevity of all athletes, from amateurs and amateur athletes to professionals; to us, everyone who works hard is an athlete, regardless of whether they have just started training or participating in competitions.

Trust the process, don't take shortcuts, take time to recover and you will reach your goals.

Die young. As late as possible.