Your Essentials - Daily Serving Sachets

Omega 3, Magnesium – Zinc – Vitamin B6 & Vitamin D3

Your Everyday Essentials – the foundation for better overall health and athletic performance.

✔️Convenient and effective

💤Sleep Better

🏃 Improve cardiovascular health

🤩 Better mood

💫Boost muscular metabolism and tissue regeneration

💪 Strengthen your immune system

30 convenient daily sachets with your essentials nutrients

We produce products that address the micronutrient deficiencies of modern life. Our focus is to improve the longevity of all our athletes, from amateurs and scaled athletes, to professionals

Each Daily sachet contains 2 capsules Omega-3, 2 Capsules magnesium-zinc Complex and 1 Vitamin D3 capsule – 30 days supply.

We recommend taking all 3 supplements: one daily sachet, before going to bed every day for an optimal recovery and anti inflammation benefit.

Nutritional ingredients

30 convenient daily sachets containing your essential nutrients: Omega-3, Magnesium-Zinc and Vitamin D3

GoPrimal Essentials offer the most natural and bioavailable formulations that money can buy. Start building your health foundation with GoPrimal Essentials and achieve your optimal health and athletic performance.

2x Magnesium-Zinc complex capsules: Sleep deeper and recover faster

2x Omega-3 Capsules: Reduce inflammation

1 x Vitamin D3 Capsule: Protect your immune system

    Bioavailable Ingredients

    We only use the best forms of magnesium and zinc, that can be absorbed by your body. Meaning, this is the most effective magnesium-zinc complex in the market.

    Reduce joint pain and boost brain function

    100% Alaskan pollock sourced from wild waters with good fishing practices, respecting its biodiversity - certified by MSC. Omega-3s are inflammation-fighting superheroes.

    Feel healthier and stronger

    Vitamin D3 supports strong bones, boosts the immune system, and elevates mood. Our D3 comes with strong 2500 IUs and a good splash of coconut oil for maximum absorption.

    Only Bioavailable Forms: What your body can really absorb.

    The omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil stimulate our mental performance and help prevent diseases.

    EPA/DHA: 800/600 in Natural triglyceride formula: concentration higher than 80%.

    100% wild Alaskan pollock from sustainable sources that means no heavy metals and low oxidation levels.

    MSC certified – market lowest levels of oxidation and heavy metals.

    Leafy green vegetables are supposed to provide this mineral. Unfortunately modern farming has depleted out soil. GoPrimal provides the best bioavailable forms of minerals, that means that the body will absorb them 100%.

    Magnesium and zinc are responsible for preventing muscle cramps during workouts. Alleviation of feelings of weakness, fatigue, migraine or sleep disorders. Vitamin B6 will help to transport the magnesium and zinc where we need it – our muscles.

    300 mg Magnesium Taurinate-Bisglycinate & 4 mg Vitamin B6

    16mg Zinc Picolinate

    4 mg Vitamin B6

    GoPrimal’s vitamin D3 is sourced from sheep wool (Lanolin). The addition of coconut oil to the mix ensures optimal absorption in the body. Vitamin D3 it should be absorbed from the sun, unfortunately our lifestyle is keeping us from the sun most of the days. Nevertheless, if you want to absorb the D3 from the sun, you will have to be topless with no sunscreen for more than 20 minutes every day with full body exposure.

    Mood & immunity Vitamin D3 veritably strengthens the immune system, being one of the most powerful antiviral prohormones that exists, more powerful than Vitamin C.

    2500 IU : high dose mixed with coconut oil to enhance absorption.

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    We produce products that address the micronutrient deficiencies of our modern lives.

    Our goal is to improve the longevity of all athletes, from amateurs and amateur athletes to professionals; to us, everyone who works hard is an athlete, regardless of whether they have just started training or participating in competitions.

    Trust the process, don't take shortcuts, take time to recover and you will reach your goals.

    Die young. As late as possible.