The GoPrimal story

GoPrimal story goes back to early 2013, when the GoPrimal met thanks to CrossFit. Clemens, Adrian, Stefan and Basti were involved in different ways with CrossFit, some had a box, some were coaches and all were discovering this new methodology. 

We soon realized that CrossFit and strength-conditioning training was becoming a huge part of our lives and soon we decided to  quite our current jobs and dedicate ourselves to help people get healthier and stronger. 

"Our modern lifestyle and diet has serious holes, that cause different medium and long term issues in our health and performance. Food industry is not providing food with the micronutrient standards that they should, lifestyle is always corrupt by multiple factors that stress our key biometrics. We cant reach our full conditions if we don't have a strong foundation." Sebastian Rieder, GoPrimal Co-Founder.

All of us were sports and nutrition passionate, we have more than 15 years of experience and education in college, self education, online seminars, professional sports careers, coaching, etc on how to improve physical performance, health and longevity. We were always the front runners on any kind of health, performance and longevity trend. 

We were looking for supplements in Europe with similar formulations than the ones we have found in the past in USA, but everything in Europe was either based on old-school formulas with ingredients that didn't really have a positive effect, low concentrations and specially too many products that basically didn't work at all or the benefit was so little that didn't make sense to spend money on them. 

At that moment we started our research, it took us at least 4 years to find the right formulations, the right type of products and how to make them cheap enough so everybody can afford them. Then in 2016 we created GoPrimal, an Austrian supplement company rooted in science.

Our first 3 products were Omega3, Magnesium complex and Vitamin D3, what we believe are the major wholes in our diet and lifestyle and are the most important micronutrients for anyone who wants to feel healthy and perform at its best.

You can then reach your full potential with proper diet, sleep, exercise, mental health and s little of help from supplements.

We started to work with all the CrossFit boxes that we met these past years, as we knew they were providing an excellent training program, so they probably wanted to offer the best supplements available in Europe. 

GoPrimal hydraforce

"Many of my customers were buying useless supplements online, in one of these pages with thousand of products and they were just getting the daily offer. 

I couldn't know what to recommend myself, so now I am very happy that I can tell them to take just a a handful of products and at least I know that everything that GoPrimal offers, is the highest quality possible"


Soon the products were spreading all around Europe and more boxes, gyms and healthy nutrition shops were contacting us to get "the best supplements in Europe". 

We were getting requests from all around Europe, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, UK, etc... 

Many wholesalers were asking as well for new products, as their customers were consumers of protein, creatine and other energy drinks.

At that point we decided to do our research and start launching just a few more products that can address other needs. 

  • Protein powder is great for convenience and to achieve the right amount of protein level.
  • Healthy Pre workout, so people don't take artificial ones with very high doses of caffeine.
  • Nootropics for mental health
  • Collagen peptides with great benefits for tendons and joint health
  • Electrolytes drink, one of the most underrated supplements in the world.

Absolutely all of the products GoPrimal launches follow the same foundation:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Best source of ingredients possible
  • Fair Price
  • Rooted in science: with abundant clinical evidence that the ingredients provide a substantial benefit for health or/and performance.

GoPrimal supplements - rooted in science