Strong is the new Beauty by Emma Tall

I rather have young girls looking at me and thinking, "I want to be able to do that" than "I want to look like that".

I can not even count how many times I have been staring in the mirror wishing I could change the way I look, wishing I was skinny. But would it make me happier or satisfied. No, because then I would like to change something else. Because we are raised in a world were looks is the most important, and the ideal is a fake imagination about some perfection, that not even exist. When I was a young, I learned to play sport with the purpose to develop, to get better, to make new friends and have fun. And then I grow up and suddenly everything that has to do with moving your body is to make it look better. Working out and training should be about something more than losing weight, it should be about chasing a goal, getting better, fitter, stronger. It should be about having fun, doing it together, about the endorphins after and about a long and healthy life. So lets raise our kids in a world were beauty and respect is beyond looks. Lets teach them to value people depending on how they make them feel instead on how they look. Let them sport because it’s fun and developing. Never let them stand in front of the mirror and wish they looked different. Lets teach them to have respect for a long life through sports, healthy food and passion. Lets raise our kids in a world were we know how to love ourselves, in a world where we know that their is more to life than looks. Where we know that life is bigger than what we can see, lets teach them that life is about what we feel and that we should spend the most of our lifetime doing the things that makes our heart beat faster. Lets show our kids how to be brave enough to go after it, how to find your passion. The fantastic thing about Crossfit is that everyone is an athlete, it doesn’t matter if you are 19 or 90, it doesn’t matter if you do the workout as prescribed or scaled, everyone is an athlete and everyone is here to perform their best. Crossfit is about fighting together to reach our goals. We eat to give our body the possibility to get stronger and fitter but also to recover. We don’t care how you look, where you from or what you do. And we do not care where you start. We care about the effort you put in to get better. Everyone starts at a different place and have different possibilities, but everyone can decide to put in the effort or not. So training and a healthy lifestyle is for everyone. No matter where you start or how you look. And remember you are more than what the mirror reflects.