GoPrimal Fitness PlayGround

What is GoPrimal Fitness PlayGround?

GoPrimal has evolved to an holistic brand where Exercise, Nutrition, Recovery and Mental Cognition are the main 4 pillars to a TOTAL HUMAN OPTIMIZATION. Therefore GoPrimal is proudly introducing our first holistic health facility, where we offer personalized training and health coaching. Our facility is located in an unparalleled location, 25mins away from Barcelona, in the middle of the Natural Park of Cabrils and Cabrera de Mar of one of the most select and beautiful locations in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by mountains, vegetations and at just 5mins from the beach. Our lifting area is on top of a hill and you face the sea while training, this is probably one of the most mindfulness experience you can have to kick your endorphins level.
We offer a primal experience, there is no cars, no noise and no pollution, we just offer a perfect experience of nature, high end facility and fitness/health coaching.

What can you do at GoPrimal Fitness PlayGround?

The most customised fitness and health experience possible. We are screening your needs during the first sessions, which are totally free, then we build a custom plan for you: fitness and nutrition to start with, then recovery and mental cognition in a second phase. Only doing a holistic approach we can help people to Reach Their Full Potential. We offer different training models, based on the key biometric parameters of each person: SANDBAGS, WEIGHTLIFTING, GYMNASTICS, BODYWEIGHT, MOBILITY AND OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING. As a core of our training, CONDITIONING & ENDURANCE - which is also adapted to every individual.

Why have we decided to open a training facility?

First of all GoPrimal Fitness PlayGround is not only a fitness facility, its a health facility, where we offer Fitness and health coaching. We believe in a more personalised and holistic approach to health, where the 4 pillars are necessary for a TOTAL HUMAN OPTIMIZATION. How can you try to achieve a good fitness levels but you don't improve and optimize your nutrition, recovery and the mental aspect related to these parameters?. This is something that we have discussed many times with our customers and partners. The approach must be complete!

Future of fitness after the COVID19 Outbreak

Tough times ahead for many gyms and any other physical store, people is afraid of close contact in general and being surrounded by people. This is why we believe in having a one to one class or just a small group class(we only allow max 3 people) is going to be a more enrichment way to face your daily sport and health routine. Group classes are a great way to motivate people and compete agains others, but also is more difficult to control the proper movement pattern, intensity applied to each exercise and the overall experience can change from one individual to another. Together with the social distance imposed by the WHO we believe that the future of fitness for some time is going to go into a more customised training session than before. We are fully supporters of group classes like offered in many CrossFit boxes where the coaching is always on top of the customers, this is why we still work together with many CrossFit boxes from the same region to increase the fitness experience.

What is the ultimate goal of GoPrimal

Improve longevity and performance of all our customer, by designing the best supplements possible, but also by providing the best training and wellness experience possible, this is why we have decided to invest in a fully equipped facility , GoPrimal Fitness PlayGround.