CrossFit Open Workout 18.5 - here´s your guideline how to crush it!

Hi crossfitters around the world, So the final open workout is out and 18.5 is 11.6 - this workout requires a strong mind and a bunch of good motivators that yell at you and keep you moving. Here are the most important things to consider: Warm-Up really well - you will need it. Break pull ups earlier than the thrusters. It takes so much more time, energy and motivation to pick the barbell up again, than to just jump up and do another pull up. That said always leave some tanks in the Reps on both movements. Fast Singles are surprisingly fast and efficient if you are getting tired! Just keep the breaks really short. If you struggle with any of the movements do smaller sets from the beginning, otherwise think about starting to break up at the 12 or 15 set. Breath, stay focused and relaxed and hang in in the end! Good luck, Coach B Sebastian Rieder is owner of CF Vienna, CrossFit Certified Coach/ CF-L4 and CrossFit HQ Flowmaster