CrossFit Open 18.3 workout - here´s your guideline how to crush it!!

Hi CrossFitter around the world,
18.3 is a great, very technically demanding workout that will challenge you in several ways. Here are a few tipps to get the most out of it.
A great warm-up is mandatory. First of all warm-up your shoulders. If you have troubles with overhead movements, mobilize your shoulders with pass throughs, kip swings and slowly work on getting proper depth in the overhead squat.
Right in the warm-up practice how to get the weight up, if this is in any way heavy you should not use a snatch, go power snatch or even a clean to overhead.
Practice the basic gymnastic positions hollow and arch and use them to add power to your kip - this will help with the muscle up. In between overhead squats and muscle up prep, sneak in your double under practice. Use drills that help you with the rhythm, the goal is to stay as relaxed as possible in your double unders. Efficiency is key here, the more tension here, the more energy you waste and your shoulders will burn out quickly.
How to tackle the WOD:
Double Unders - take a very short break before making a mistake. Go 50-50 and think about making smaller sets as the WOD progresses. Keep your body and shoulders relaxed, trying to use your wrists as much as possible to spin the rope. Keep breathing and stay focused.
Overhead Squats - get the bar up and move quickly through the sets. If this is heavy take your breaks, never go to failure.
Muscle Ups - depending on your capacity you might brake them up 1-3 times. Smaller sets, with less rest are great especially if you start feeling fatigued. Never go to failure!
DB Snatches - this is the easiest part of the WOD. Try to take a few deep breaths and recover as much as possible!
The most important part is moving well and maintaining good movement when getting tired!
Good luck and crush it,
Coach B
Sebastian Rieder
CrossFit Certified Coach/ CF-L4
CrossFit HQ Flowmaster