GoPrimal Team at French Throwdown

The GoPrimal team travels again to another CrossFit Event : French Throwdown


We are supporting once again the CrossFit community and its athletes.

This time we have two of the best athletes, Helena Avendaño and Aniol Ekai fighting for a spot on the podium.

Not only top athletes

A large number of clients, athletes and coaches from the GoPrimal team are also coming and competing at this event.

GoPrimal not only supports the top athletes, but also our Premium Resellers, like CrossFit Zurriola and the guys from Training Culture.

We want to take care of all our people, making sure everyone has what they need to compete at their best. Not just the super athletes, but also any other athlete competing in any division. 

Why GoPrimal Goes to so many events

For us is the best way to meet all of you, specially Gym Owners who want to start distributing GoPrimal products but they don't know how to start.

We have samples for you and any other information about the company and products for you to understand what we can offer to this community.


What are the top GoPrimal products that gyms and boxes sell

As we always tell all our resellers, first things first: Make sure your athletes have a solid nutrient foundation. This means Omega3, Magnesium Complex and Vitamin D3 should be the first products to recommend to anyone. 

This will make your athlete to be as healthy as possible, recover faster and avoid injuries due to extreme inflammation. 

From that point, many athletes consume protein, creatine and pre workout, these are products that more or less everyone is familiar with and understand the use, so it's easy for a gym owner to prescribe them.

I am a gym owner, what is my benefit when working with GoPrimal

No matter the level of your athletes, they should be healthier and stronger, once they get a great training from you, second step is to optimize their nutrition. 

We believe that our modern lifestyle doesnt allow us to achieve all micro and macros from the diet, so this is why supplements are important, just a complement to reach your full potential.

As a gym owner, you will be able to provide the best supplements to your community, so they don't look around other products that might not provide the best quality or a fair price.

We also offer special prices to box owners, as a thank you for building a strong community.

How to find us

We travel to many events across Europe, either setting up a both, being sponsors, or as a supporting team for our athletes.

You will always see a GoPrimal T-shirt, banner, flag or car around a CrossFit. We will be happy to help you if you come and ask us anything.

We hope to meet you at French Throwdown

We Only breath Fire