CrossFit Open Workout 18.4 - here´s your guideline how to crush it!

Hi CrossFitters,
Welcome back to your Tipps for 18.4. And one again Dave Castro came up with a great test of Fitness.
You have 9min to complete
Deadlifts 225lbs/155lbs
Handstand Push Ups
Deadlifts 315lbs/205lbs
Handstand Walk 50-ft
This is an old school Girl CrossFit Benchmark Workout with another pretty similar Workout at a heavier load right after it. For most of us out there this will be an AMRAP of 9min and the goal is to squeeze as many reps in as possible.
This workout will smoke your back and if you don’t have a great line in the Handstand Push Up the new standard will be tough and is very likely to slow you down, which makes the workout a bit less metabolically taxing.
This makes it mandatory to warm-up your Handstand properly! This includes working on your line with hollows and arches, moving into Front Leaning Rests and Push Ups. A good kip is mandatory so do some technical work on Kipping and work on an efficient transfer of power from the hips to your armes. This will save your shoulders! After that do 2-3 sets of HSPU with the new standards and then also practice shoulder taps and Hand Stand Walking if you expect to get that far.
If you are sure to make it to the 21 heavier Deadlifts try to pull a triple at 315/205lbs or a bit heavier in your Warm-Up. This load will feel extremely heavy after Diane and you need to be mentally prepared.
Workout Considerations
The Deadlift is an awesome movement when executed well. Focus on a great set-up every time before you pull - rounding your back is not an acceptable option and will make the HSPU even harder! If you really get to that heavy weight chip away reps as your capacity allows. Do singles or Touch and Go Double, but leave a bit in the tank to keep on moving with good form. If you have a hard time with maintaining a neutral back and you „need“ to keep pushing use a belt by all means to keep your back safe. When your goal is to crush the second part of the workout as well, I recommend breaking up the lighter deadlifts as well. Watch the open announcement and see how Scott Panchik is doing it.
If you are a Handstand Push Up Ninja and you have practiced the new standard get them done fast. If you are like me, with monkey arms and weaker at pressing, don’t go till failure. It is better to come down 1-2 reps to early to take a short brake, then to hit the wall and not being able to finish the Workout. The new standard is tough - stay close to the Wall and keep your hands together, to maximize your reach and squeeze your butt and abs at the top! Pushing your head through after a big kip and pull your toes down/push your heels up to get that extra reach.
When you get to the Handstand Walk kick up with both hands behind the line and reach for the 5 feet mark. Even if your are not great and Handstand Walking you can tackle this in small increments. As in the Handstand Push Up don’t overly fatigue your shoulders!
Good Luck, Crush the Workout and keep your back safe!
Coach B
Sebastian Rieder
CrossFit Certified Coach/ CF-L4
CrossFit HQ Flowmaster