CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 - here´s your guideline how to crush it!

Since most of you are no new Rich Fronings or -dottirs, we proudly present:

<p>This workout a great 20min AMRAP triplet of</p> <ul> <li>8 Toes to Bars</li> <li>10 DB Hang Clean & Jerks</li> <li>14/12 Cal Row</li> </ul> <p>Two big themes come to my mind analyzing this workout.</p> <p><strong>GRIP & ROWING PACE</strong><br> Number one take care of your grip. Going from T2B to the DB clean and then the rower is very likely to tax your grip.</p> <p>Minimize grip fatigue by breaking up the T2B if necessary(instead of going 8, go 4+4, 3+3+2 with a very little pre set break), also try to keep your grip as relaxed as possible when doing the T2B.</p> <p>Try to do the Clean & Jerks unbroken and when you come to the rower, really use your legs to bring power into your stroke, focus on keeping a relaxed grip on handle and the pull up bar.</p> <p>Number two about half of the workout takes place on the rower. As this workout is supposed to keep you moving with as little rest as possible, it is important to find the right workout pace. In your warm-up progressively work your self up to your workout pace, focus on driving with your legs and minimizing the action of the arms.</p> <p>Now go and Crush 18.1.<br> Good Luck,<br> Coach B</p> <p>Sebastian Rieder is owner of CF Vienna, CrossFit Certified Coach/ CF-L4 and CrossFit HQ Flowmaster</p> <h2>RECOVER FASTER</h2> <p><product_lookbook cat="supplements" products="8"></product_lookbook></p>