Community is everything, grow it with us

Supporting the community

By the end of 2013, the guys from GoPrimal were working really close with the CrossFit community in countries where this sport was starting to arise. We were visiting many new boxes, chatting with their owners, coaches. Sharing best practices from other boxes in countries where CrossFit was more consolidated. During Christmas time we visited a tiny box in the south of Spain, with no locker room, no technical floor and almost no bars or plates, but full of passion and willingness to do things better. We trained with them, we shared some experiences and talked about potential ways to improve each others business. A few months later, one of the guys from this box, decided he wanted to professionalize. He opened his own place, with more space, better equipment and tons of hard work put in. As soon as he opened the box he called us, as he wanted us to be their preferred supplement brand and he needed our help to educate his community and promote our products.

Small but mighty

“We tried to get other supplements on board, but most of the big brands don't pay attention to us, and don't want to support us, because we are such a small customer”. He told me on the phone. Thuri magnesium goprimal “Don't worry, we will support you. We know you want to do things the right way and this is how you will help your customers reach their full potential”. We started to work with them from day one, supporting competitions, sending apparel, banners, meeting at competitions and Regionals. He clearly had the right mindset and we always want to help these kinds of people. He was such a small customer, of course, but one of the first in Spain. And he showed a real willingness to become better.

Fast forward 5 years

He has built one of the best boxes in Europe. Expanding by opening up multiple locations and providing an awesome and complete training and nutrition program. Crossfit Virus was and is one of our beloved customers. Not compromising the quality by taking shortcuts, but by using the best products for recovery, performance with clean and pure ingredients. As nature intended.

Smart supplements for smart people

Their customers have improved their performance and recovery by using our Superior Omega 3, for them, it's really important that it is third-party certified by MSC. Proving low levels of heavy metals and high concentrations in EPA and DHA. The ones that are training for competitions can't make it without our Magnesium product, that has the most bioavailable source of Magnesium and Zinc. “Despite long training hours, I feel that I am recovering a lot faster and can work out the next day” Vitamin D3 should always be a staple of your nutrition. “It's cheap and highly concentrated. It would be stupid not to take it for all the health benefits that it gives you”. Vitamin D3 is always needed even in the sunniest parts of Europe. As we spend most of the day inside or use sunscreen when exposed to the sun. We are now working with Crossfit Virus to create an even stronger relationship. In his expansion process, where more and more of his customers will become even stronger, faster and healthier. So if you are close to Almeria Spain then go and have a workout with them. You can contact them through their website Our passion is to optimize each others health, thus improving performance. Becoming stronger, faster and reaching your maximum potential, as a sports enthusiast or as a business owner. Nutrition powered by the Wild