ATHLETE'S LIFE: double sessions and dehydration

Rich Froning, double sessions and hydration.

Rich-Froning CrossFit began as a training method that was characterised by the creation and use of a WOD - Workout of the Day - as a form of strength training, cardiovascular endurance and so on. In those early days, Dave Castro came up with the idea of having a barbecue one weekend in July, inviting his friends who were fitter and practised the discipline, and calling it the CrossFit Games 2007. Those Games were particular, there was a very low level, but they already experienced historical things like the support to the community that laid the foundations of something as big as we know now. Each year that passed, the level rose and improved exponentially, but all athletes seemed to be mortal, they stuck to more or less hard WODs, trained little more than an hour a day... so everything remained more or less the same until Rich Froning.


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Rich Froning changed everything. His first participation in the CrossFit Games was in 2009, with a timid role, although he was already showing promise. A year later, Rich lost his first title on that famous rope. After that catastrophe, the Rich we all know appeared. Champion of the CrossFit Games in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, he began to be a reference in the world of this sport, and all those who wanted to compete began to imitate him. Rich Froning's method of success is well known by every CrossFit competitor, since his beginnings, he did as many WODs as he could, that was his way of training. That's all. He would write a WOD and do it. He would rest. He'd write another one and do it. And so on until the night came... and the next day the same thing. Rich mentions on the occasion that he can do between 4 and 7 WODs a day, and that even with his training team at the time - from 2011 to 2014 - they would write WODs on a whiteboard and everyone would do them when they could or wanted to. And Rich always did the most. That caught everyone by surprise, competitors and coaches started to imitate him. They went from doing one WOD a day to doing two, three or more. Just like Rich did. And that was here to stay, every competitor nowadays knows that in order to reach the highest level he will have to spend many hours in the gym, sweat a lot... and also suffer a lot. And to be able to double and triple session, you also have to eat differently.


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Normally, whenever we train we sweat and get dehydrated... and we think that drinking water and eating is enough. Often it is, but it is true that during these sessions we also lose mineral salts that are in our body, and that it is difficult to recover unless we take it specifically. In my case, since I've been doing two sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - I've always felt a bit weak in the afternoon and I've been checking why it happened when it happened Talking to my trainer we realised that I wasn't hydrating well enough during the first session, which affected my performance in the second. Then we found Hydra Force of GoPrimal, which has those mineral salts I was talking about earlier. Since I've been taking this product, I've hardly noticed any problems in my performance and I can give my body two top-quality sessions, which as we've seen before in Rich. It works perfectly and then I'm able to perform at the highest level. The last weekend was the Quarterfinals, the second phase to qualify for the Nobull CrossFit Games 2021. This consisted of 5 WODs spread over three days. Two on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. It's a relatively high volume in terms of intensity and wears and tear. So preparation is everything. Aniol Ekai Trainer and Athlete at CrossFit 77 Feet & 77 Academy
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